Visitors are most welcome to play tennis at Frederikssund Tennis Club located in great surroundings at Kalvøvej 24. We have 7 tennis courts at our disposal, a nice clubhouse and changing rooms with showers.
How to book a tennis court for non-members of Frederikssund Tennis Club?
In order to book a tennis court you need to visit:
Frederikssund Tourist Information Centre
Havnegade 5 A
3600 Frederikssund
Tel.: + 45 47 31 06 85
Opening hours for Frederikssund Tourist Information Centre
Monday-Friday: 9 am – 4 pm
Saturday: 10 am – 1 pm
At the Tourist Information Centre:
  • You pay DKK 100 for one court per hour, regardsless if you are two or four players on the court. One of the following credit cards are required: Dankort, Visa-Dankort, eDankort, Mastercard, Mastercard-Debet, Maestro, Visa, Visa-Electron or JCB.
  • The staff at the Tourist Information Centre can assist you checking availability and booking a court.
  • There is a mandatory cash deposit of DKK 250 for a key to the tennis facility. Remember to lock the clubhouse and gate when you leave if there is nobody else at the tennis facility.
  • When returning the key at the Tourist Information Centre, you will get the deposit back.
At the Tennis Facility:
  • You are most welcome to use the clubhouse and the changing rooms.
  • Tennis shoes must be worn on the courts.
  • Please sweep the court after the game.
Please note!
The booking is binding – money will not be refunded. Show up in due time. If delayed more than 10 minutes after the tennis hour begins, your booking is void and other players have the right to use the court.